Web Design

I design more than "just a website".

Web Design

I’ve been building and designing websites since I can remember. I have built up a nice portfolio as a result. Because of this I can say that I can design and build more than just a website.

Your website is your digital business card. The first thing potential customers see. You want this to be perfect. That is why I focus together with you on what is relevant for you and your company. In consultation, we omit all unnecessary elements. So that your message or that of you and your company is clear.

In recent years I have developed a workflow that ensures that my clients achieve their goals. And in which the client and I are closely involved with each other. The first step is therefore: getting to know each other and our companies better.

"Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine."

"Paul Cookson"

Web Design


During the introduction phase, the focus is on getting to know each other. Not only each other but also your company and my company. We discuss all ideas and wishes and map out the question.

At this point, the question has been mapped. A good preparation is very important for the whole process. I visually draw out what the website will look like and I collect all the necessities for the website such as texts and images.

During this step I gathered everything I needed and I visually drew the final product. This is also known as a UI/UX design. From this design I will design and assemble the website pixel by pixel.

The website is up, which is good news, but the buttons and functions don’t work yet. I have made a nice contact form, but after clicking ‘send’ nothing happens. This is all taken care of at this stage. Also called ‘the technical part’.

The website is almost finished. Everything looks as you requested, but better, I’m not going for a 6, but a 10. That’s why I think you have the right to revision until you give the website a 10. In this meeting we discuss the small details and small adjustments that need to be made.

Everything we discussed in the refinement is being implemented. The website where made ready for the internet. And in addition to the revisions, I go through the entire website detail by detail to make sure nothing is wrong.

The website is ready to use. Your wishes have been realized and I have made sure that the website is perfect in every detail. The website is put online and gets a standard indexation in google. I explain the structure of the website, and I explain how to use everything, so that you can make small adjustments yourself.

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